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When training just doesn’t go your way

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Do you have a day of the week where you take a look at what your following week of training will be? Is this day typically your day to plan and get inspired? To get motivated and mentally prepared for the torture of the week’s training? This is your day to make sure that other things in your life can shift and be scheduled around your one thing that you look forward to the most; training.

Well what happens when life doesn’t work as planned? When work pops up, where other people matter more than you that day, where you have to drop everything to attend to an emergency, but then it seems like you can catch a break from work and school and then when you can finally train, the pool closes (for who knows how long?!)

That is a load of BS. But it is so funny how life works out. Part of the journey of training or striving for anything is overcoming adversity. As much as you plan for life you can’t always have it the way you want. This week has been one of those weeks where I have had to just breathe and understand that I. WILL. BE. OKAY…YOU. WILL. BE. OKAY. The following are tips I have to constantly remind myself of so I can not lose my sanity.


Be in the present

Something I am very guilty of is always thinking ahead or thinking about the million things I have to do in the day but the key to this statement is to really key in mindfulness and stop all of those thought and just pay attention to what you are doing in the moment. It is key to practice mindfulness because it is all about absorbing your surroundings and paying attention to those small details in y our life that you might miss otherwise. When you set time to exercise, for example me with swimming, if I am swimming it is easy to start thinking about everything else but swimming but I need to learn how to just think about swimming. Think about my form, my stroke, how much I am enjoying the set. Be present.

Stay positive

Stress is great. It can really push you to new limits. Stress can be the new weight you added on the rack to for your strength training session and it can be a harder assignment in class or work. Anyway, it is a stressor and these can be good but a lot of times we think of stress negatively. Being stressed about tomorrow’s training session or about what is to come in the next couple of months can be really detrimental to your mental health. I am guilty of that. It is so important to be an optimist. What I like to do is set rewards for achievements. For me it is if I finish an stressful assignment I reward myself with a movie I have been wanting to watch. A small reward can go a long way. Maybe for you it is some time to yourself for at least 30 min to read a good book. It can be anything.

Set time for breaks

This goes hand in hand with being positive and having rewards but in the middle of the hard stuff during the day maybe set some time to stretch, do some jumping jacks, dance and move a little. It can even be 30 sec increments as you try to tackle your studying or the huge stack of paperwork you need to complete before the end of the week.


No matter what, losing sleep is the worst! Whatever you are doing even if it is not physical activity and it is just brain power, you need time to recover! Getting adequate amount of sleep is more important than trying to accomplish everything. You can better accomplish tasks with a clear and rested mind.


This post is short but a reminder that you just have to be trusting.

When you go through deep waters,
I will be with you.

Isaiah 43:2

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