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The First Dumb Thing I do in 2018

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I am officially signed up for my very first Ironman 140.6. The point of this blog actually as you can take by the name is that this will follow my journey to getting me to my first 140.6! This goal started years ago when I saw an Ironman commercial on TV and thought “that is really awesome, I want to do that one day!” Well, I was just a swimmer, running was my enemy, and I hadn’t done more than your occasional spin class to even count as a cyclist! But now 6 years, 3 marathons, a handful of half marathons, sprint and olympic triathlons, and 2 half Ironmans, it’s finally time to pull the trigger and go for that 140.6! (I want to puke now thinking of that.) I like to joke around that the marathon is my cool down. It is something I have had on all my RoadIDs as my motivational message on my bracelet to remind me why I am doing this. Mine just happens to put a funny twist on the torturous race and just simply say “26.2 is my cool down.”

But in all seriousness, out of the three sports in triathlon, swimming is my strongest, running I am very confident in, and cycling I am lacking. So when signing up for this full Ironman, I had a panic attack thinking “Wow, it’s official. I gotta do it now. 140.6 miles.” I knew when I signed up that I would be signing up for “one of the toughest bike courses in North American Ironman series”, Ironman Wisconsin. Now I really wanted to puke. But none the less that is life and all you can do is have a goal and tackle it the best way that you can, one foot in front of the other, or in this case, one pedal stroke after the other.

To kick off the new year meant I was just in time for a very long base phase before my intended September Ironman. It meant that I had some long, long, long, long rides ahead of me. Early on this month I had a 4 hour training ride. This was built up from the couple of 3-3:45 hour rides I had gotten down from December to January but I was just simply tired of being indoors on my trainer. I had had ENOUGH. (Pathetic right?) Only a couple of weeks indoors and I was tired of looking at my bedroom walls. Kansas had just had it’s first snow and then surprisingly increased in temperature for ONE DAY. That day landed on my long ride day. My friend Jenny and I had every intention to get through this long ride together, but the moment she showed up to my house we decided to throw on some layers and ditch the trainers. Hello 42 degrees! We thought we beat the system. That we could get this long ride done in the beautiful scenery of Manhattan, KS. 2.5 hours in we wanted to cry because of how numb our feet were. Man was that a rough ride! On the way out we were flying! The wind was to our backs helping us cruise. We felt like geniuses thinking we just made the smartest decision for our long ride. We felt SO GOOD!

We were “stupid” and played it safe to just do an out and back and on the way back I wanted to cry. This Texan had never experienced cold like I have in Kansas. The wind was brutal and burned so much but honestly, it was so worth it to be outside again on the road. 

Take Home Notes:

  • Plan a route that is at your back the entire time when it is 42 degrees out and it has just snowed.
  • Invest in cold gear for feet while cycling or try tin foil method before embarking in cold ride. (Will follow up on tin foil method if I decide to be stupid in cold weather again anytime soon.)
  • The weeks of being on the trainer and finally going outside really paid off. I could see major improvements on the road despite dying in the cold. #AlltheWatts
  • Have a heater ready so when you get home from suffering on cold ride you can thaw out for an hour or so.
  • Get a good Netflix list going and stick to the trainer for these winter rides.
  • You are more prone to do stupid things if you have an outgoing training partner which leads to unforgettable memories and a better to your journey to 140.6.


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