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Diversifying Workouts – Morning Run And Afternoon Swim

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I will have to admit, today I went a little crazy with training. What should have been an easy training day was still easy but in abundance. I went overboard on distances. Nonetheless, today was a perfect Sunday. I was able to get some miles in with my athletes during cross country practice out in the beautiful Flint Hill of Manhattan, Kansas.

My run paused at 6.66 miles and after I provided treatments to my athletes, my superstitious self could not tolerate leaving my run at such an “evil” number. I got out and kept running by myself. I was feeling amazing. 10 miles total later and I was happy to feel that I still felt like running shape despite not having run in an entire week post marathon.

I was styling in brand new shoes as well. The Hokeoneone Arahi’s! They looks so pretty and are very comfortable. A little bit different and not as cushioned as the Clifton 3s but still a wonderful running shoe.

Post run I ate a small breakfast knowing that I had a swimming session to look forward to. My friend suggested that we swim “for a long time.” With her having a swimming background like myself, we both knew that swimming for a long time meant that we would be getting up to the 4k to 5k distance in the pool. With marathon training, the last couple of weeks I was just really focusing on running rather than getting in the pool or on the bike. The water felt foreign at first but as soon as I was 600 meters into the warm up it clicked and I felt my stroke smooth out. After that moment I knew it was going to be a solid swim session.

I can now go to sleep knowing that I had a great training day because not only did I feel great training but for once feel like I have the energy and time do all these things. As an athletic trainer for cross country and track and field team of 82 athletes, a graduate student, a teaching assistant, and a triathlete I understand that my energy and time can run low on most days.

Today I felt like I wasn’t burning a candle on both ends. I really hope this energy continues and I just remain positive throughout this time. Although I am busy with all the roles I play, I would not change it. I asked for this busy schedule so I can learn and grow. Life would be so boring if I only did only one thing. Hence, why triathlon is my absolute favorite sport.

Swim workout:


200 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull
8×50 free

Main set:
8×100 (odds: free, evens: back)
200 pull
6×100 (odds: free, evens: back)
200 pull
4×100 (odds: free, evens: back)
200 pull
10×25 free
300 kick
10×25 free
3×200 drill (one arm, finger tip drag, catch up)
200 CD

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