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my story

As an athlete, I was never really athletic. My dad was very passionate about basketball and that turned out to be the first sport I was “interested” in.  Something just never clicked with basketball. No matter how many drills I did, how many hours I practiced, I did not have the passion for it and that translated to being mediocre.

After middle school basketball, I somehow found my way to high school swimming. I fell in love. I started from zero skills and transformed to a varsity swimmer that was somewhat competitive. It really wasn’t until I stopped swimming after high school that I was finally able to find the athlete within me and the sport that gave me that drive. Marathons and triathlons.

There is something completely different about accomplishing a race without your coach screaming at you, pressuring you to make a certain time, having a set time schedule in your day dedicated to practice that was built within your curriculum. No, I didn’t feel like an athlete until I personally made time for my workouts, until it was just my self-motivation to do something.

Now of course, you may get into sports in high school with self-motivated purposes, but it is easy to just depend on your coach and teammates to force and encourage you to show up. When you are just a “weekend warrior” it takes a lot more within you to get the task done. You may not always have a group to train with, or a coach, or a convenient time to get those miles in, but you do it anyways. That is when I started feeling athletic.

This blog serves the purpose to shine some light on how a regular person, a non-college athlete, a graduate student, can be an athlete. It will show you that I face battles that many people can relate to such as crazy hectic schedules, time-management struggles, school, a full-time job, and life. Although some of my battles might be easy in comparison to other peoples’ lives I truly hope that this blog can be used to share knowledge, experiences, hardships, and happiness to encourage others that if you can just set a goal for yourself it can be done with hard work.

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