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It’s been a while…

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It’s been since my Ironman Lake Placid recap that I have posted on here. & of course a lot has happened!

After LP I was definitely burned out…

In May 2019 before IMLP I was involved in a gun violence incident that has left me still to this day traumatized. I was a first responder when I should have been a happy graduation guest. This incident really deterred my Ironman LP goals and motivation. When I got to LP I was just happy to be alive and finish.

After this emotional burn out I have just been doing the exercise I like to do and getting aquatinted with strength training in preparation for Ironman Cozumel, which was what I thought would be my A race for 2020. I was pretty motivated this round to not let any mental health issues get in the way of some big goals I had for a very flat and speedy full Ironman with an ocean swim.

And of course in the midst of this pre-training, the pandemic hit, BLM, & many other issues occurring in our nation & world! During this past academic year – summer I exercised half way with the intent to not over do it but still exercise for fitness and not necessarily Ironman distance. I did some pretty cool things during this time as well such as 1. Present virtually at a National Conference, 2. Become a homeowner, 3. Pass my doctoral exams! And despite all the major life events & changes that have occurred since IMLP, we are still in a pandemic and not too sure when we won’t be and it at times takes a toll on my mental health.

I know from my past history my mental health has taken many hits and I know where its vulnerability stands. I am no amazing athlete, nor ever going to qualify for Ironman Kona, but I value the lessons endurance races bring me. The structure, the distraction, the motivation to endure in other aspects of life. So I understand that if any of my fellow endurance friends are struggling mentally-it’s justified.

  • Give yourself rest, there are no races occurring anytime soon. You have nothing to prove to anyone. If you want to do a self-supported Ironman, go for it! But don’t feel like you need to. I have really prioritized quality sleep over the pandemic.
  • Move! It’s easy to just stay indoors and not do much these days while working from home. It’s hard to enjoy your home when you are constantly there and associating it with work. Get outdoors when you can and go for an easy mode of physical activity that brings you some sort of clarity. It doesn’t have to be a marathon. Move for 30 min a day and you will feel so much better!
  • Do something different. Get out of your comfort zone and do it. Make a conscious effort to do that activity you have always been afraid to do or said you never had the time to do it. Prioritize time for that something different.

So who knows if we ever get to do a 140.6 any time soon-but you don’t need a race to prove anything and you don’t need a race to show your self-worth. I hope a 140.6 happens in 2021 because it’s truly just a race to celebrate all the growth that happens when you train for something you didn’t think you could do.


With love,


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