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Garmin 735XT Review

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My background and strongest discipline in triathlon is swimming. When it comes to swimming it’s all about numbers and times. Set, reps, splits, descends, stroke count kick count, breath count, you name it, it is counting! So, I have deeply come to appreciate numbers. What helps me most in training is having a dependable watch to keep count of all of that for me. It has now been about a year that I have had the Garmin Forerunner 735xt. I went from a bigger older brick Garmin () to this wonderful upgrade. Not only does it look really cool like the other Forerunners in this series, it is not huge on my small wrist, and it does its job well.

Pros are that I am able to locate and enable GPS quickly. I haven’t had the issue of finally being motivated to run and then sadly having to wait impatiently for my watch to locate a satellite and delay my run start. Another pro is that it is very easy to use. There are many options such as running, indoor running, bike, indoor bike, swim, indoor swim, cardio, strength, etc. I love that the screen is not touch screen because I personally prefer pressing an actual button especially with triathlons where I could carelessly graze against something and switch screen if it happened to be a touch screen instead. Once your activity is complete, saving and sharing to your Gamin Connect is super simple after pairing the device. I also share my stats to MyFitnessPal for my nutrition aspect of training as well as Strava but regardless of that, just viewing your past training on the history screen on your Garmin735xt is very easy and accessible. My favorite thing about the Garmin is that during a triathlon you can put it on triathlon mode during a race and simply just press the split button to continue from swim to transition 1, transition 1 to bike, bike to transition 2, transition 2 to run and end! It is so easy to use and doesn’t take a person who needs to be really tech savvy! The look of the Garmin 735xt is great with multiple screens that you can pick and choose from that show your activity, average pace, map, total time, heart rate and many more things. It is a plethora of as much or as little data as you want!

My major cons are that sometimes setting up the Garmin Connect is a little tricky with Bluetooth and updates but once you mess around with it for a while it is pretty simple. My last con is that the Garmin735xt does not track all of you indoor swim with kick sets. As a swimmer I can track my sets and such but when you have a mixture of kick, swim, pull and drills sometimes the Garmin does not calculate that into the total distance.

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Performance: 9
Style: 10
Weight / Size: 10
Versatility: 9
Price: 9
I am so pleased with the watch. The look is great and it gives me just what I need to know about my training. I definitely recommend getting a GPS training watch to assist with your training needs.
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