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Freedom from the Fall Semester!

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Finally, the semester is OVER!

As a graduate assistant athletic trainer for the cross country/track and field team, I “hit the ground running” since August 14th with cross country and off season track full go. Thus, my first solid break was winter break with two blissful weeks of being back home and seeing friends and family and finally getting a mental break. As this being my second year as a GA athletic trainer I knew that the fall semester tends to hectic and even worse towards the end of the semester. With rehabs full go, indoor season starting up, finals, and reports due it can be tough to be a good triathlete in the midst of all the chaos. Nonetheless, I am a firm believer that if you want something badly enough, you can accomplish it. You make time for it. You make time for all the practice coverages, rehabs, classes, projects, assignments, research, triathlon training, and social life.

Life is a balancing act

I am in no way a professional or know the exact way to not lose my mind while attempting to train for triathlons and have a full time job and be a full time graduate student. All my life I have strived to find balance isn everything I do. I might get a little more obsessed on some aspects of my life but in the end I accomplish what I need to do. With these three major aspects of my life with work, school, and training, I am not only competitive in triathlons but in these other parts of my life. I like to think of triathlons facilitating the mind set that is necessary to get to the career goal I want. Once you finish one part of the triathlon it’s great and all but there is always the bike that is next and after the bike there is a run and after the run there is the NEXT triathlon. Never ending stepping stones. Life is very similar in this manner that it is multiple accomplishments but then it is onto the next stage. Having my mind be occupied with an endurance sport helps me gain strength to get through all of life’s ups and downs.


Life over winter break

After the semester was finally over it was time to make my way down from Kansas to Texas for some much needed rest and quality time with family and friends but before then I had to honor the end of semester with a final run in Kansas for the 2017 year. This run ending up being the coldest running condition I have ever experienced! Nearly 10 degree weather, the sweat on my hair FROZE and my hands went so numb!

This is one of the few times I felt like a “bad ass.” After this frigid run, my next stop was TEXAS! Thankfully at this point in my Ironman base training consisted of a lot more time on my bike which aligned well with being able to train on my own time around family and friend time while I was at home. Having brought my indoor trainer it was very optimal to get my rides in in the comfort of my home in Texas. No stress about having to find a route to ride, or if you are like me, wanting some company on an outdoor ride because of safety issues. With the extra time on my hands being away from my athletes it was a great time to finally make the bike trainer table I have been wanting to build. My boyfriend and I got a splurge of energy and headed to Home Depot and started building. Thus far it has been my favorite addition to my indoor rides. I no longer have to strain my neck looking lower of off to the side of me, the screen and workout is right in front me now! I highly recommend making this table since it was super easy to build to your height and preference and all for about $25.

Although I did bike a ton over break I did enjoy some time with my home triathlon team, the Mad Dog Tri Team out of Ft Worth. I got to attend my favorite event to wrap up the year with the Christmas Light Run! I have always enjoyed this group of people because of the high energy they carry and their love for the sport. I get pretty lonely training up in Kansas without such a big group of triathletes like in Texas. It was refreshing to spend time with these people by running and getting a swim in.

These two weeks flew by but sometimes the term of recovery isn’t just laying around on the couch or simply sleeping more and not exercising. Recovery for me over this winter break was reminding me why I started doing the things I do and falling in love with the sport of triathlon again. A mental break from the stressors of regular life and a bit of fresh air might be the cure for avoiding getting into a rut in life or in your training. I know it was beneficial for me. Now I am more than ready to conquer this last semester as a graduate assistant athletic trainer.


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