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Diving into Ironman Training

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As of lately, life has been pretty hectic. Not only am I trying to train for my first full ironman but I am balancing working a full time job as an athletic trainer for 80+ athletes, completing my master degree, and completing my master thesis and report. I am not writing this to complain or for you to feel pity for me because I knew exactly what I was getting into when I become an athletic trainer and a graduate student. I also knew that Ironman training is not easy but mentally I believe I am at my strongest. I reflect back to my undergrad or even high school days that I would get overwhelmed and panic with everything. Every commitment, every swim meet, ever meeting or assignment, every exam. Now on my second year as a graduate student I feel like time management has helped me cope as well as exerting this nervous energy out when I train for triathlons. I am also not saying I have my life all figured out. This past week had me floored. It felt like everyday I would get home and not even have energy to eat and I would just want to go to sleep and every morning I felt like a bus hit me. With that being said how do you recognize that maybe running at 120% everyday is going to burn me out or motivate me to do really well in life? Well reality, it doesn’t help you. This weekend I was able to be productive in school and clear my mind and then reward myself with my long bike ride and swim. I even got an extra run in this week in perfect weather.

You have to learn to regroup and keep moving forward

I have a feeling that with the extra stressor of graduating this semester I will be cycling through these emotions of burn out often but you can’t let hard times define you as a person. You take them in and get through them. For me it was a swim workout this past weekend that was the cherry on top of a great productive weekend. With the combination of getting data sets organized, finishing homework for a grad class a week early, reading articles for another class and really comprehending the concepts reviewed, and swimming fast is exactly what I enjoy in life. (plus, of course with the help of some yummy coffee) All I am saying with this blog post is to set little reminders for yourself that show you why you love what you do. Whether it is triathlon training, career, family, etc you started it for a reason. Even though when you mix all these different aspects of life together it can get messy, if you separate them every once in a while it gives a reminder of your why.

Sunday Swim Workout:

WU: 400 SKIP (100x swim, kick, IM, pull)

6×75 (kick, drill, swim each 25)

-drill of my choice was catch up drill

Set 1: 6×100 pull: focusing on rotation and good form and catch

100 easy

Set 2: 6x [50 moderate effort, 15 sec rest; 50 build, 15 sec rest; 2×25 sprint with 10 sec rest]

-This set was difficult but AMAZING. I felt strong and fast. Little rest with a lot of tempo-sprint

100 easy

100 ALL OUT: (I died, I literally almost drowned)

400 CD

= 3,000 M




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