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Lesson Learned – Check The Weather Before A Bike Ride

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Yesterday (10/14/17) I found myself with some more spare time than I would have liked to have. When that happens, I tend to fill that time with what I love to do most, triathlon training. Something I am dreading very much to come is the Kansas cold weather. It gets so frigid and worse with high winds it is almost impossible to ride outside without being in appropriate winter gear. It is just safer and smarter to ride indoors on the trainer. But I am trying to avoid that as much as possible before I am stuck on my trainer for the cold fall and winter months. So, with this free time I decided what better way to use that time than with a great bike ride outside.

Just last week I ran my marathon I had been training for months and with this week of rest I was eager to get to training again. I contacted to good graduate student friends I have made here in my second year in Manhattan, Kansas and they were also eager to get a good ride outside.

We started and oh so smartly waiting until weather had cleared up. We were off and riding fast and smooth! We decided to take a quick out and back to a pretty flat area in town, about 20 or so miles. FYI, Manhattan is not flat like most people assume most of Kansas is. About 30 minutes into our ride it started drizzling. Prior to this we were feeling so good that we were up for tackling on more mileage to this ride and now we were thinking that with the steady rain it would be smart to stay closer to 20 miles.

The winds started picking up and all of a sudden heavy rains started coming down on us. It came down so hard that it was painful. I had never experience painful rain before. Actually, I had never ridden in conditions like this before. This was probably one of the most dangerous and risky things I have done in my life. Idiot, not smart on my part haha!

Not only was there rain, but hail at this point and lightning! My first ride back from recovery and I was about to die. Legitimately die. According to Starva we all PR’d on the last segment of that road. We raced home about 8 miles as fast as we could with rain, hail, lightning, and probably everyone in Manhattan thinking we were crazy idiots. Lesson of the day, “As much as you want to ride outside, check the weather first.

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