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Base Phase of Ironman Lake Placid Training

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This blog post is just serving as a check in for Ironman Lake Placid! With Ironman training it typically takes around 26 weeks of training to prepare. Although, the early weeks of training might not feel as crucial or intense I am finally 1 week away from around the base phase ending and I am feeling AWESOME. This time around I have really committed to training to the best of my ability and I definitely have a lot more time to dedicate to training which can make all the difference for this go around.

If you are unfamiliar with the time line for Ironman training, with a training plan that is approximately 26 weeks out it will look a little like this:

Weeks 26-20: BASE

  • In this phase consists of sprints & building up cardiovascular fitness
  • I fit in a collegiate indoor sprint triathlon: Tri-owa!

Weeks 19-12: STRENGTH

  • In this phase you can really keep doing those sprints but time to fit in an olympic distance race
  • Also time to get stronger on those longer distances
  • My plan is to do College Nationals Olympic Distance!!!

Weeks 11-3: SPECIFIC

  • In this phase you will want to be getting in a half ironman distance training day
  • The training is definitely coming together at this point
  • I am signed up for the Wisconsin 70.3!!!

Weeks 2-1: TAPER

  • You will be ready for your Ironman. You have done all you can do!

Base Phase thus far

This base phase has actually felt very good. I have had a solid routine with a schedule that is pretty manageable and doesn’t stress me out. Mondays are off days, Tuesday and Thursdays are swim/bike days with Tuesday sometimes all three disciplines. Wednesdays and Fridays are interval runs with strength training. Strength training typically consists of posterior chain power movements such as deadlifts, squats, RDLs, core, and upper body rehab. Saturdays are my long bike days which so far we have only dipped to a little over 2 hour rides followed by strength and yoga. Lastly, Sundays are long run days that have been no more than 10 miles. I love the weekend training because I get to spend time with my new team Ironworx Multisport and train with other amazing athletes from the area vs training on my own during the busy weekdays!

I am not going to lie, being from Texas and training in the Wisconsin weather has been rough. Sometimes I lack motivation to get out there in the cold and get the workout done but I have managed.

Lastly, with the base phase I have had the flexibility to have fun with training and race a sprint triathlon with my University Triathlon team!  This past weekend we raced in Iowa City at the University of Iowa! A 500 yd swim in a beautiful pool, 8 mi bike on some power spin bikes, and a 2 mile run on the treadmill. Overall I felt very strong despite the solid week of training I had prior to that small sprint. In doing this I have set myself to qualify for Collegiate Nationals in April where I will be doing an Olympic distance race during the strength phase of my Ironman Lake Placid training!

What I enjoyed even more was sort of coaching my teammates who were doing their first ever triathlon. It is fun seeing other work hard and hit their first milestones in the sport you love!

500 yd swim: 7:32 min

8 mile bike: 22:34 min

2 mile run: 14:41 min

7th place overall female


Cheers to the base phase soon coming to an end! On to the next phase in this Journey to 140.6!


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