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I am currently a first-year PhD student in Biomechanics and research assistant in the Wisconsin Injury in Sport Lab at UW-Madison.  I believe that triathlon is supplemental to my success in other areas in my life such as academics and career. A lot of this blog will mention my professional journey as well as my triathlon endeavors. My background is in athletic training and public health. I feel that athletic trainers can play a larger role in disease and injury prevention. As professional health care providers, we need to advocate so we have a place at the table when decisions are being made, especially regarding musculoskeletal injuries, sport nutrition, concussions, and heat illness. I believe that with a background in rehabilitation research, public health, and athletic training, I will be able to further my passion for injury prevention and rehabilitation with classwork and research experience in Biomechanics.

I believe that my strengths—inquisitiveness, commitment, excitement, willingness to learn, and accomplishing a goal no matter the adversity—are well-suited for this level of education and will be helpful in this profession of athletic training. At KSU I worked as graduate assistant athletic trainer with the cross country and track and field team. With a total of 82 athletes as well as working as a teaching assistant, I have really enjoyed teaching students about athletic training and how to better their bodies. In addition to working as a certified athletic trainer and being a full time graduate student, I have enjoyed pushing my body to new limits in the world of endurance sports. I want to be able to help and educate other people who wish to be active in their lives and inspire them with my story as well.

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